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Each component used conforms to the original Raychem approved specification and undergoes thorough quality control.


GRSM heat-shrinkable sealing sleeves are used in low-pressure gas systems for the sealing of leaking caulked / screwed bell-and-spigot joints and pipes. The wraparound sleeve is manufactured from modified crosslinked polyolefin coated with a thermoplastic sealing adhesive.


The mastic sealing profile supplied with the sleeve serves to fill out the transitional zone between the bell and the pipe. In the supplied condition the sleeve is expanded to allow it to be conveniently fitted onto the caulked/screwed bell and-spigot joint or pipe. It is closed by means of a flexible chromium-nickel steel channel.


When heated with a gas flame or hot air gun the sleeve shrinks tightly onto the caulked/ screwed bell-and-spigot joint, completely sealing it off, while the sealing adhesive and the sealing profile melt and are forced into any cavities or irregularities.

Special Characteristics

  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent resistance to acidic and alkaline soils
    and likewise to soil bacteria and fungi.
  • Quick and easy installation under normal
    service pressure up to 75mb (LP)
  • Excellent flexibility

  • No primer required
  • Applicable to most pipe materials including,
    steel, cast iron, ductile iron and P.E.
  • Limited space for application required

Additional Equipment

  • Wire brush
  • Electrofusion Unit

Literature provided

Each sleeve is packed with installation instructions and is given a unique Coatsol Lot number which enables full traceability of component parts including the date of manufacture and person/persons responsible for the QC.

Network Uses

Coatsol believe GRSM to be an ideal solution for the following:

  • Leaking Internal & External Risers
  • Electric Cables
  • Leaking Welded Joints

  • Leaking Bell & Spigot Joints
  • Leaking Couplings

Unlike competitors inferior imitations Coatsol,GRSM is the original, superior and fully approved product. Each component used conforms to the original Raychem approved spec and undergoes thorough QC within the manufacturing process, to ensure that our customers receive a top quality product.

Prices & Ordering


Please contact Coatsol for prices.

Approvals / Recognised Standards


Coatsol’s GRSM is constructed from all original Raychem components of which were tested to conform to the below standard.


BGC/PC/LC8 Part 1

Warranty & Technical Support


Ongoing technical support is available from our head office, with the GRSM having a product only warranty.

Training Arrangement


A full training package will be available from Coatsol, either at our Head Office or your place of business. This course consists of both Coatseal/GRSM installation procedures and techniques, but can be tailored to meet the buyer’s needs.

Maintenance Requirements



Description of any special technique or unique tools, plant & equipment required


To shrink down the GRSM, a 110v heat gun is required. These are also available from Coatsol. For more information, click here

Future Use – Purchasing, Delivery, Packaging & Recycling arrangements


Please contact Coatsol for prices.