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Bringing Offshore Standards Home

Pipeline maintenance and repair within the UK and around the world.

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Coatsol operates on an international basis exporting British expertise and environmentally friendly products throughout the world.


Gas Leakage Control

Coatsol are now offering the latest Encapsulation / Leakage control methods for permanent repairs, improving on the current method utilized by various contractors which are approved and used by the gas networks.



Envirawrap is a wraparound corrosion protection jacket system specifically designed to be an easily installed, retrofit one-piece sleeve to eliminate corrosion on pipework, jetty piles, offshore platform structures and subsea pipelines.



Coatseal (formally known as Rayseal) is an electrically-shrinkable sealing sleeve, and is used in low pressure gas systems for the sealing of leaking caulked / screwed bell and spigot joints where the use of a naked flame or heat gun is not a viable option.


Coatsol started out as a turnkey coatings applicator dedicated to supply and application of high-performance, industrial coating solutions for difficult applications. We are now also a consultant for and supplier of specialist coating systems and products which resolve coating/corrosion problems in a variety of industries. Building upon this successful foundation Coatsol have now commenced UK based operations in the specialised market of gas leakage repair.

Corrosion Protection

Coatsol are experts in high-performance, industrial coating solutions for difficult applications. We are a consultant and supplier of speciality coating systems and products which resolve coating problems in a variety of industries. These industries consist of:

  • Pipelines – onshore and offshore
  • Offshore structures
  • Tanks and associated steelworks
  • Mining

Coatsol can provide a small team of dedicated, hands-on individuals with many years of experience in the world of industrial coatings. We can supply the product or, often, simply help your engineers to define the right performance specification for a given difficult situation to help you apply the right coating solution for your needs.


We are UVDB registered

We are a member of the institution of GAS Engineers & managers (IGEM)


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